Rise of the Runelords

Burnt Offerings

Festival and Fire, Local Heroes, Glass & Wrath

Our adventure starts off at the town of Sandpoint where are adventurers are celebrating the festival of Swallowtail. During this event, goblins attack. During this attack the party deal with not only goblins but also Lykar deals with the dangers of shoddy carpentry with the fruit carts, while Darthya has difficulty overcoming banana peels. Not to be out done, Cypher charges the goblins only to plant his staff into the ground thus tripping at the goblins feet. Cypher unlike his new companions makes quick work of the three goblins. Despite these set backs the party makes quick work of two more groups of goblins, earning not only thanks from the town, but also from Aldern Foxglove a local noble. While the town celebrates the party’s victory they are asked by Father Zantus to assist him and sheriff Hemlock in investigating a desecrated vault. The party discovers that the remains of father Tobyn (the previous priest) had been stolen. Two skeletons had been left in the vault that the party made quick work of except for Lykar who fled to get help from the local priest. Darthya followed tracks outside that led to the town wall but then the trail was lost. She confirmed that six goblins and one human size track was there. While Darthya and Cypher follow the tracks, Lykar was approached by Shayliss Vinder the daughter of the local general store owner to assist her in killing rats in the basement. Once in the basement her true intentions are obvious as her bodice comes off and she moves Lykar to a nearby convenient cot. Lykar was so focused on the task at hand he failed to hear Ven Vinder, the gir’ls father come down the stairs and catch him literally with his pants down. Lykar feebly tries to talk his way out of the situation only to get punched in the face by Ven. Lykar then decides to flee the scene of the crime with some quick acrobatics. Later the party meets at the Rusty Dragon Inn where Aldern gives them each 50 gold and numerous drinks in appreciation of their efforts with the goblins. He rambles and questions the party endlessly with particular interest in Darthya. Later the party joins him on a boar hunter after he purchase new horses for the party. On the hunt he bores the party with his endless chatter. Later back at the Rust Dragon while the boar is being cooked, Lonjiku Kaijitsu (a local noble) storms in looking for his daughter Ameiko the owner of the Rusty Dragon, demanding she leave town with him immediately. Cyper and Darhya stand up to stop his rampage while Lykar takes the opportunity to pick Lonjiku’s pocket scoring a nice gem for his trouble. Ameiko throws her father out and thanks the party for the help. As Lonjiku leaves he tells his daughter “you’re as dead to me as your mother” which visibly upsets Ameiko. Later Ameiko tells the party that her human mother is dead and her human father is a jackass as you noticed and she rarely sees her brother the half elf, who is the cause of a lot of their family problems. After this the party deals with a rogue goblin hiding in a child’s closet. The party is rushed off to a meeting with the sheriff and mayor and Shalelu, a local Elf ranger. They are told that all five goblin tribes are up in arms. Sheriff Hemlock asks the party to maintain a presence in town while he goes to nearby Magnimar to get more troops. The following morning the party is approached by Bethana Corwin a halfling women that works for Ameiko who says she is missing and shows a note she found written by Ameiko’s brother (Tsuto). The note states that Ameiko is the glassworks and in trouble. At the glassworks, Lykar picks the locks allowing the party to enter. After much searching the party finds several dead workers butchered by goblins. The party then encounters the goblins in the foundry where after a difficult struggle the party emerges victorious. The party also discovers the body of Lonjiku butchered and covered in molten glass. After finding stairs leading to a basement, the party encounter Tsuto where he pummels Cyper repeated but is defeated by the party. The party finds a note proving that Tsuto was involed in the goblin raid along with several accomplishes including a bugbear, quasit and his lover who is obsessed with removing her" celestial taint". Cyper picks up a ring of protection +1 while Lykar gets master work thief’s tools. The party finds Ameiko tied up but alive they free her and tells her of the death of her brother and father. She gives them free board for life at her tavern. The party escorts her back to the town. They discover a tunnel which they return to after Ameiko is returned to town. After returning to the smugglers cave our three intrepid explorers tour the catacombs where they encounter several sinspawns, a few skeletons, and a dozen zombies. Cypher uses his staff to destroy an attacking Vargoulle clearing the way to an ancient study. Several miner magical items are recovered for the party from a levitation room. Also discovered are stairs leading both up and down but both stairs are blocked by a previous cataclysm. While examining a shrine, a mutant goblin attacks swinging several weapon in each of his three hands. After a fierce struggle the goblin Koruvus is defeated and his treasures claimed by the party. The final room of the catacombs is revealed to be a cathedral where our heroes are attacked by a quasit and two sinspawns that she has summoned. The battle is fierce, during which Cypher and Darthya are overcome with magical fear while Lykar is hexed into a magical slumber letting the villains get the upper hand. The party rallies behind Cyper who uses two healing potions just to stay on his feet while Lykar attacks and Darthya deals with a summoned wolf and finishes off the sinspawn. Finally the quasit is defeated and an impressive treasure is claimed by the party.


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